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Dear Visitor This service application depends on the speed of delivery
The application will not work without your cooperation. It will deliver the orders on the same day or within 24 hours with the warranty on
Your insurance purposes, while ensuring that the application manages to return the full amount of insurance when damage occurs for your purposes
It depends on the travelers and you will find them in the application platform
Anyone can be a traveler
Travel to any city and take advantage of your time and return without interest Arrived requests and you traveler according to the possibilities of your car and win money
Of the delivery + profit by delivery to the door + profit if the weight is heavy + profit when the customer requests insurance will receive a percentage of the value of insurance

The traveler and client are free to agree through the officially registered application to ensure the interests of the people
In this way all benefit and we will succeed, God willing, to shorten the time and the high speed of the effort of intellectuals and conscious


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