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"Khabar", the latest news technology on smart phones, provides you with a variety of news from 5000 sources,
The app shows you all the news, according to your interests, and saves you time searching for them by just selecting keywords.
Simply put, with the application of "news" you will read what you want, not what website owners want.
The app shows the best videos on the social network (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).
You can choose sources from the following list:
Political News
Economic News
Cultural News
sports news
World of Eve News, Women
Auto World News
Medical News
Latest News
Egypt News
Algeria news
Tunisia News
Morocco News
Saudi News
News of Mauritania
Libya News
Yemen News
Jordan News
Palestine news
Syria News
UAE News
Kuwait News
Lebanon News
Iraq news
Qatar News
Bahrain News
Germany News
France News
UK News
Turkey News
news of America

The application depends on thousands of sources such as Al Jazeera, Sky News, Arabic, BBC, France 24, Russia Today, Pulse, Pulse Application, Previously, Al Khobar, Al Masry Al Youm, Day 7, Middle East, Life, Dawn, .. And other local and international websites and newspapers ...


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