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Arab store script
Arab store script

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Arab store script through which you can provide your income by reaching new customers through the internet

It enables you to
* Add an infinite number of sections in addition to the possibility of amendment and deletion at any time
* Add an infinite number of products in addition to the ability to amend and delete at any time
* The site is multilingual
* Multi-currency site
* The site has the ability to add discounts to specific products
* The site contains a mailing list
* Built in 20 payment methods that can be activated or deactivated
* It has 8 charging modes, which can be activated or deactivated
* Allowing visitors to view the price without registering on the site or viewing the price after registration
* Freedom to choose the desired report format, based on necessary foundations for finding information related to sales, and showing products and products purchased.
* Multiple tools to back up and restore data.
* Professional and special design

More than one design is available for you to choose from

Template No. 1

Template No. 2

Template No. 3

Template No. 4

Template No. 5