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  • price : 150 USD
  • Category : Web Development
  • Site name : hesabaty

Script Info

Hesabaty program to manage your own business accounts, whether large or medium company, office or shop
It helps you get detailed reports and accurate results to help you make sound decisions

The capabilities of Hesabaty script to manage your own business accounts
 Add an infinite number of sales departments with the ability to amend and delete at any time
 Add an infinite number of clients with complete data for each customer and extract detailed reports for each customer separately
 Add an infinite number of employees with a complete management system for employees including adding salaries, incentives, discounts and detailed reports
 Add an infinite number of branches for your business with the ability to extract detailed reports for each branch separately from bills, salaries, income and profits
 Accurate billing system with invoice printing
 A comprehensive reporting system for everything where you can extract detailed reports of income, payments and profits for a specific branch, sales department or customer for a specific period
 A management system with which you can add moderators to add content while giving each member their own powers
 Responsive design that works on all screens, desktop devices, mobile phones, and tablets


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